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Being a part of allows you to track your listening history.

This means we can provide you with personalised music recommendations based on the music you play.

You’ll also get personal top charts, suggested events and be connected to like-minded listeners (your musical neighbours).

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There’s a whole load more you can do with By getting involved in our community of music lovers you can tag artists and tracks and contribute to one of the largest online music catalogues - with over 54 Million artists and 640 million tracks!

You can also join discussions, learn who and what is gaining in popularity and find new ways of uncovering the secrets of your listening history.

You can also link your account to enhance your music experience on other great services such as Songkick, HypeMachine and more.

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How do I track my listening history?

It’s easy to keep tabs on your music listening. Track the music you listen to via our desktop and mobile apps or by connecting to many of your favourite music services (such as Spotify, Rdio, Deezer etc.)

Download the apps and get more information on our:

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