Radio changes to from Tuesday 15 January 2013 is making some important changes to the radio services we offer around the world. We have considered these changes carefully, in response to various factors that affect our business differently in parts of the world.

The key changes are as follows:

  • In the United States, United Kingdom and Germany, radio in the desktop client is now a subscription feature, as it is elsewhere.
  • In Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland and Brazil, there will be no significant changes to our service.
  • Unfortunately, in all other countries, we are no longer offering a radio service after this date.

We are always looking at ways to bring music to more people, when it can be done so economically, and we hope to be able to open streaming to a wider audience in the future.

United States, United Kingdom, and Germany

We are continuing to offer both ad-supported free radio and ad-free subscription radio in these countries. Ad-supported radio on the web site is the most popular way to listen. However, from Tuesday 15 January 2013, radio streaming within the desktop client will now only be available to subscribers.

To listen for free, please visit the web radio where you can continue to stream radio. Additionally, for an ad-free experience on the website and in the desktop client, you can subscribe.

We are also about to launch a new, modernised desktop client (currently in Beta) with a vastly improved interface and support for more of’s features. Our desktop client remains the best way to scrobble, and all desktop features other than radio are free.

Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland and Brazil

Radio has been, and remains, a subscription feature in these countries. We hope to have some exciting news very soon.

In the meantime, we’re pleased to announce our new desktop client (currently in Beta) which features an improved radio experience and more.

All other countries

Up until now, radio has been a subscription only feature. However, from Tuesday 15 January 2013, unfortunately we are no longer able to provide radio streaming to these countries, even to subscribers, due to licensing restrictions. Scrobbling remains free and your listening data, charts and recommendations will not be affected by this change.

Our subscription package will continue to offer other benefits, including an ad-free browsing experience site-wide, access to demos on Playground, and other features we’re working hard to add.

However, we understand if you wish to cancel your subscription. If this is the case, please see our FAQ for information on how to cancel. If you have paid for a subscription longer than 30 days up-front, you can request a refund.

We will continue to look at the state of the market in other territories and hope to expand again in future as it becomes more viable.

Is scrobbling affected by these changes?

No. There are no changes or restrictions being placed on any of our other services, and scrobbling is not affected at all. We encourage you to try out the new desktop scrobbler (currently in Beta). You can, of course, keep scrobbling from your chosen applications or devices, including Spotify, Hype Machine and other services, using settings within those services. There are also more third-party apps featuring scrobbling.

Listening options

There are many ways, worldwide, to listen to music online and have it scrobble to your profile.

  • Discover provides music from thousands of independent artists for you to explore.
  • for Spotify lets you explore music within Spotify using your recommendations, and improves the more you listen.
  • Services such as The Hype Machine, Deezer and Rdio offer on-demand streaming that scrobbles in many parts of the world. See what’s available in your country.

Any other news?

For iPhone and iPad users, we're releasing an exciting new iOS app. It scrobbles, and uses's recommendations to power playback. It will be free and available worldwide.

Further changes to in the future

As the market changes, we may once again be launching streaming services in more countries. If you would like to know when we bring a service to your country, let us know using the form below.


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