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Created on: 13 Dec 2012
A group dedicated to users of the Scrobbler for iOS app.

The Scrobbler is a fully-featured music player that helps you discover connections between the tracks in your iTunes library through playlists, deep artist information, and more. Plus, it scrobbles*.

Now you can scrobble your iPhone and iPad without needing to sync with the Desktop Application. Not only that, but you can now enjoy all of the Last.fm metadata applied to your local library; bios, images, scrobble counts, events and tags.

You can also take advantage of Last.fm's new playlisting service that offers new ways to explore your favourite music!

Install the app and let us know what you think

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  • superthi

    The app isn't scrobbling right, the app does not work in my iphone 5

    24 Mar 5:55pm Reply
  • Klouny_Clown

    Try using SmartPlayer app instead https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/smartplayer-music-player-scrobbler/id492333520?mt=8

    24 Feb 7:03pm Reply
  • flashphones

    I dislike the fact that I have no choice but to listen to my songs in the app or risk my songs not being scrobbled? Is there ever going to be a fix that will allow me to just have the app running in the background. It seems as though development has stopped on this app and the main desktop client, as well.

    19 Jan 1:44pm Reply
  • metallukenyc

    The Scrobbler app works well for me, but I am extremely displeased with the fact that I cannot view lyrics within the app. I listen to a large amount of metal music, and reading lyrics is necessary for many songs. Hopefully LastFM can upgrade this app in the future. It shouldn't be that strenuous for them to let us read the lyrics we append to our music files, right? I would do it in the native iPhone music app, but then I would most likely miss scrobbles, since the app only seem scrobble when you're using it directly, rather than merely running it in the background. Anyone else feel like me??

    13 Jan 6:44pm Reply
  • iDuluc

    This app has become almost useless. Is there a good alternative?

    5 Dec 2014 Reply
  • khollohk

    Continues to completely skip almost full albums for no apparent reason, I guess it's safe to assume this app is dead at this point.

    29 Oct 2014 Reply
  • KayzerKonrad

    Вітаннячко з України, люди!

    11 Jul 2014 Reply
  • Emiley831


    25 Jun 2014 Reply
  • pavel057

    Привет Россия!

    31 May 2014 Reply
  • khollohk

    it completely ignored over half of the music i listened to today, is this app even being worked on anymore?

    29 May 2014 Reply
  • pillface

    Apparently one has to use the scrobbler app rather than the standard music play thingo for scrobbling to work properly.

    12 May 2014 Reply
  • pillface

    Correction: the scrobbling problem seems to have disappeared. Listened to a bunch of music today. Not having any internet connection didn't seem to be an issue. All 120 tracks or so were scrobbled when I connected to the internet at the end of the day. Woohoo!

    7 May 2014 Reply
  • pillface

    I'm having the same problem as scathlok, khollohk, SidLavigne, WifeWulf and brand929. The iOS ap doesn't scrobble all tracks played. It only scrobbles the last track played when switching back to the app. Desktop scrobbling works OK.

    6 May 2014 Reply
  • scathlok

    Love the scrobbler for desktop, can't go a day without using it. But I gotta say I've had more trouble with this app than anything. Version after version, why doesn't the iOS app scrobble tracks when I'm using iTunes on my iPhone OR when I hook the iPhone up via USB to the car without literally going back into the app after every track ends? I had this years ago with the old app for my iPod Touch, and it's carried forward with this iPhone one. Desktop version works like a charm. Because of it, most of my scrobbles were while I was home and not out and about.

    16 Apr 2014 Reply
  • Fridge65

    This app really sucks :-p

    14 Apr 2014 Reply
  • khollohk

    it keeps completely ignoring songs, when i play an album it only tracks the first few songs and then just stops

    3 Apr 2014 Reply
  • SidLavigne

    It's not scrobbling anymore, just scrobble one title when I open the app. Why?

    3 Apr 2014 Reply
  • MrDaNeShady

    The ads are really annoying ffs! Stop with this google advertise shit!!

    31 Mar 2014 Reply
  • stefanfkarlsson

    Hi Visit my artist page and see what I have to offer ... http://www.lastfm.se/music/Stefan+F+Karlsson

    27 Feb 2014 Reply
  • Fabster04

    I've got a bug where the app dumps the cache about 4/5 days after i install it then refuses to cache over 212MB (iPad 4, iOS 7). Think it started with the Sept./Oct./Nov. update. Could you please take it back to the way it used to be, or maybe add a switch setting for the point @ which to start dumping caches? Please guys, I really love storing my artist images locally, especially since I'm often off Wi-Fi & on Cellular. Plus I haven't got a problem with space on my device, I could easily go up to 10GB on the scrobbler alone!

    15 Feb 2014 Reply
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