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Known issues with Spotify in page playback

  • Known issues with Spotify in page playback

    We are aware of the following issues with the Spotify in page playback feature. If you find any other problems please use the feedback link to the right of the Spotify bar, or let us know in the forums if that’s not available.

    • Play buttons will only be shown in territories with Spotify availability
    • Some tracks that aren’t available on Spotify may have play buttons
    • Some tracks may scrobble as variation on the track name you selected
    • Mobile browsers, Internet Explorer 11, and Opera 12 are not currently supported
    • Tracks inside tabs, such as top tracks on profile pages, are not given play buttons
    • If you are using the recent tracks auto refresh lab, the recent tracks list on your profile page will not be given play buttons
    • Pages with duplicate tracks play in an unexpected order
    • Only the first 70 tracks on a page will be playable
    • Will not work with third-party localstorage disabled
    • After signing up to Spotify for the first time, you may have to press play on the track again for playback to start
    • When using Internet Explorer 10, the Spotify desktop app may not play the chosen track automatically upon opening, pressing the play button again should start playback
    • If you have multiple Spotify web players open they may behave erratically, closing them and refreshing should solve the problem
    • When using the Spotify web player, sometimes the Spotify bar on will lose track of what is currently playing, refreshing should solve this
    • When using Internet Explorer 9 the Spotify bar on may not close when the the Spotity web app is closed, refreshing should solve this

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