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  • Дата релиза

    24 апреля 2015

  • Продолжительность

    4 композиции

Kuba Kapsa is a Polish pianist and composer being the leader of the avant-jazz combo Contemporary Noise Sextet (2006-2014). Beyond that he is a renowned composer for film and theater plays. His latest venture is the first of a sophisticated series of projects of modern classical music bearing the common title "Vantdraught".

The first part of the "Vantdraught" series is called "Vantdraught 10" written for ten classical instruments - 4 violins, 2 violas, cello, vibraphone, marimba and piano. The music is largely based on a repetition of individual melodic motifs, which are also quite multithreaded within a given composition. Vibraphone, piano and marimba are written in a “push-pull” combination, being the rhythmical base for every piece, while strings are instantly “questioning and answering” each other whether being supportive to the rhythm or used for the presentation of themes. The common feature of every composition is symmetry, which has been applied to almost every aspect - rhythm, harmony, motifs and themes. The first four pieces of "Vantdraught 10", which are inspired by the works of classical minimalists and early 20th century composers, have been recorded in December 2014 with musicians from renowned Polish ensembles such as Neoquartet and Kwartludium at the concert studios of Radio Gdansk. "Vantdraught 10·Vol.1" will be released on Denovali Records in April 2015. For Vol. 2, which is following up, Kuba Kapsa will present a rather asymmetrical approach to voice leading and rhythm.

"Vantdraught 10·Vol.1" features an astonishing artwork based on "Brotmorgendämmerung" (breaddawn) by the seminal artist duo Kahn & Selesnick.

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