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Quetzacóatl is a story of passion and innovation. Quetzacóatl is the story of Francisco Javier Quezala, Tito, and how a transgressive mind was able to imagine the future from his bedroom. Recorded in Mexico in 1977, this album, which is the third release of the Spanish label Glossy Mistakes, is a real treasure. The label brings out the Psychedelic Mexican Holy Grail with this LP.

Tito was born in 1946 in Ciudad de Mexico. Since a young age, music and design filled his mind, starting a career as an architect and finding passion in music instruments. After exploring rock music by joining various bands, playing bass and guitar, an interest in the limitless world of synthesizers sparked, opening Tito a whole new universe of possibilities to channel his creativity.

Quetzalcóatl is a truly authentic cornerstone in those terms: an inspired and eclectic artist gives shape to a unique sound through legendary synthesizers such as the MiniMoog or the Arp Odyssey. His passion for electronic music. was so embedded that he even built his own guitars and equalizers; some of which appear on this LP.

This album could be considered a rarity. But if we listen carefully enough, we find a pioneering treasure. Somehow, Quetzalcoátl anticipated the sounds of future decades with simple but inspired compositions. It is a mythological trip to the pre-hispanic Mexico through proto-electronic music.

Almost 50 years later, what Tito recorded in a four-channel Sony recorder in a truly DIY way, still sounds futuristic. Quetzacóatl seems not to have aged. On the contrary, it sounds even fresher than when it was originally released. Tito defines himself as an “electronic sounds fanatic”.

The record is an allegory of the Aztec world. Quetzalcoátl is the most important God for Mesoamerican cultures: it represents the inherent human dualism between the body (represented by the snake) and soul (the feathers).

In the song “Profecía”, Quetzalcoátl emerges, announcing the end of the world at the hand of Spanish colonialism.
This LP went under the radar for far too long and gets now a second life in the form of a reissue. Glossy Mistakes keeps unearthing sounds that deserve to be remembered and heard for decades to come.

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