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This is a follow-up to my two previous sets "Hey Zube" and "The One After 11-02-63".

These two projects used new technology to spectrally extract the vocals from the right channel and move them to the centre, creating new three point stereo mixes from the rather primitive sounding stereo of the time. This worked because instruments and voices shared the right channel, so moving the voices to the centre left a pleasant spread of instruments across the stereo image.

By July 1963, the recording technique had changed and George Martin and Norman Smith were tending to isolate the vocals from the instruments. This meant that the method used to spectrally remix previously would not work.

However, technology marches on and sophisticated algorithms can now pull apart a mono track into separate components. This is the method I have used here, to extricate the individual instruments from the left channel and spread them across the stereo image (with vocals placed in the centre again of course). The drums have been kept on the left, but Paul's bass moved to the centre and John and Georges' guitars (plus various keyboard overdubs) moved to the right. This has been done in a way that is (hopefully!) seamless and largely artefact free.

Sadly only two original session tapes from With The Beatles (for Hold Me Tight and Don't Bother Me) hung about long enough on the studio shelf to be permanently archived. The others presumably were bulk erased and used again for other sessions. However I have been able to create a few "outfakes": isolated overdubs for the aforementioned two songs, which reveal vocals and percussion largely buried in the released versions; a version of Roll Over Beethoven without the handclaps; a version of It Won't Be Long as it stood with its original live vocal, plus a complementary version isolating John's overdubbed vocal; and I Want To Hold Your Hand as recorded live before the overdubs. A further solitary outtake is available on the "Free As A Bird" single (an early take of This Boy) however since this is a commercial release and requires no remixing it is not included here.

I have also created stereo mixes of She Loves You and I'll Get You, although owing to the dense nature of the mono mixes it was difficult to extricate all the parts without obvious artefacts. Therefore I have presented them in the familiar "backing left/vocals right" scenario.

For the song Money I chose to dispense with the turgid piano overdub that George Martin later added. For those who miss it, it is of course on With The Beatles and is the one song on that lp mixed with the vocals in the centre.

The messages to Australia were taped at the session for Hold Me Tight. Obviously I haven't attempted to spectrally remix these, although it might prove an interesting challenge for someone!

I hope that musicians everywhere will enjoy these new mixes too as the separation of the instruments now allows us to appreciate the talent of the players so much more. Paul's bass lines are fluid and imaginative, Ringo's drumming is solid and always in perfect cohesion with the songs; and George and John know how to perfectly complement one other's guitar playing. Like all great bands, they play as if they were a single person.



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