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  • Data de lançamento

    17 Outubro 2018

  • Duração

    5 faixas

Over the past several years, Amsterdam’s LYZZA has emerged as a singular voice at the intersection of on-the-cusp club music and incisive songwriting. IMPOSTER is her second release, offering an expansive follow-up to 2017’s Powerplay and a furthering of the vision heard in radio/DJ sets for the likes of NTS Radio and Boiler Room. IMPOSTER is centered on an externalization of LYZZA’s internal struggle, a determined fight to claim a place at the table with the knowledge that the system is not intended for her. The sound is dark and anxiety-ridden, but powerful, riven with forceful rhythms and a variety of seductive vocal techniques.

LYZZA’s performance begins with two breathy, mood setting tracks in “Get What U Got” and “2BORNT2B”, immediately establishing the lilting rhythms and melodic bass lines that run through the EP’s entirety. The energy dial is soon ramped up as “Sleeve” and “Girls R Us” feature LYZZA in full diva mode, sing-rapping over frenzied productions, while “Fraud”, her first official production-only track, finishes off the release with a disarmingly gorgeous hardcore flourish.

The contradictions in “Fraud” exemplify LYZZA’s approach throughout IMPOSTER, balancing brusque dancefloor propulsion against elaborate, emotionally cutting vocal performances. Those contradictions are also thematically born out as LYZZA’s interior narrative is born out in wide screen clarity. The spotlight is on LYZZA this time, but the defiant spirit embodied throughout IMPOSTER is universal.

IMPOSTER was mastered in full by Night Slugs’ Bok Bok (@bokbok)

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