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  • Data de lançamento

    19 Abril 2019

  • Duração

    2 faixas

Tengu is Meine Nacht's first venture into label territory, the debut EP comes from Daniel Ruane. Daniel's previous releases have been recognised for their mind bending, intellectual approach to 3D sound design and glitchy stop start methods.

The title track could be regarded as the frantic soundtrack belonging to an anxious generation. There's defiance within its warped and frightened structure; a passion for tearing down walls, dissecting normative systems and glitching madness that floats on the periphery of insanity.

It opens, full of optimism, with visions of an otherworldly utopia, before transcending into a manipulated fucked-step. Twisted rhythms, organic/robotic hybrids and mutant grooves, delivered with extraordinary accuracy, birth a form of experimentalism that is at home on the dance floor.

IV (CF_BD) shines a searchlight on a computerised battle. These are Ruane's biological impulses in mechanised form. A dextrous, rhythm provides a loose template for controlled chaos as lairy bass pressure, overdriven kicks and difficult rhythms treat the track like a statue of Perseus being carved out of stone.

Tengu EP - Daniel Ruane
Limited Edition run of Dubplates, all hand stamped and numbered - digital also available.
Mastered by Dominic at Declared Sound

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