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  • Data de lançamento

    13 Julho 2020

  • Duração

    10 faixas

Sombrou Dúvida is a question. A play on words in Boogarins’ native Brazilian Portuguese. It’s a contraction of “Sombra ou Dúvida”, the title track of the album, which translates as ‘Shadow or Doubt’. There might seem to be a darkness to the question, given that both choices aren’t exactly cheery. Yet, Dinho, the smiling, Afro-donned singer of the group tells us that “shadow” refers to a feeling related to your comfort zone, whereas doubt is the uncertainty that hits people and leads them to follow their instincts.
released May 10, 2019

All songs by Boogarins. Published by OPA!
Boogarins are Benke Ferraz (samples, guitars), Dinho Almeida (guitars and vocals), Raphael Vaz (bass and synth) and Ynaiã Benthroldo (drums).

Produced by Gordon Zacharias and Benke Ferraz.

All lyrics by Dinho Almeida, except Tardança by Raphael Vaz and Dislexia ou Transe by Pedro Bonifrate and Dinho Almeida.

Brass, strings, harpsichord, and percussion on As Chances and Invençao performed and arranged by Gordon Zacharias. Vocals and 10-string guitar on Dislexia ou Transe by Pedro Bonifrate. Additional vocals on Desandar by Tagore. Additional guitar on Dislexia ou Transe by Gordon Zacharias. Drum Beat on Passeio by Dinho Almeida.

Arrangements, pre-mixing and editing by Benke Ferraz

Sombra ou Dúvida, Dislexia ou Transe, A Tradição, Nós, Tardança, Desandar, and Passeio mixed by Benke Ferraz. Additional mixing on Tardança, Dislexia ou Transe, A Tradição, and Desandar by Tim Gerron. Additional mixing on Dislexia ou Transe by Gordon Zacharias. Te Quero Longe and As Chances mixed by Tim Gerron and Benke Ferraz, with Gordon Zacharias. Invenção mixed by Gordon Zacharias.

Recorded at Space ATX by Tim Gerron.

Additional tracks recorded by Benke Ferraz. Invenção and Te Quero Longe recorded by Boogarins at Manchaca Road House. Passeio recorded in Benke’s bedroom.

Engineered by Tim Gerron, Benke Ferraz and Boogarins.
Mastered by Dan Millice at Engine Room NYC.

Artwork by Xuxa and Pelé.
Design by Beatriz Perini.

We want to deeply thank all our families and friends that have always believed in and supported us. Special thanks to: Will Harrison, Andrew Rossiter & Mitch Rossiter at ORG Music, John Fitzgerald, Fabricio Nobre, Daianne Dias, Ana Garcia, Mark Henkel, Renato Cunha, Gabriel Rolim, Hugo Aboud, Chrisley Hernan, and Alejandra Luciani.

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