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  • Data de lançamento

    9 Maio 2019

  • Duração

    3 faixas

Between Zero and One something is happening that everyone can call by it’s first name these days: digitalization. AG Form thus are – what else could one expect from self-reflective instrumental philosophers – accordingly contemporary. Precisely – delayed once again. Because who still believes in physical releases in times of cloud-services and streaming-platforms? To be contemporary thus means: to be after time and to accept that music always happens within time. To avoid the usual flood of adjctives: the musical aspect of what happens between Zero and One could be specified shortly (because what could be more contemporary than having no time?): broken beat meets synthetic guitars, meets post-genre-something, meets a breeze of djazz and the joy of fusion, which was called crossover in the late 90s. As regards to SD-1, the new EP by AG Form, new music thus meets a form, which is little short of being old again: welcome SD-1, format SD-Card, because between Zero and One nothing less than everything is happening.
released May 10, 2019

Recorded by AG Form
Mixed by Bob Loff
Mastered by Freddy Knop
Artwork by Martin Dziallas
Gah & T.docx written by AG Form
Wasabi written by AG Form & Jan Slak

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