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  • Data wydania

    9 listopada 2017

  • Czas trwania

    3 utwory


1.Abelation - U Got To Be Kidding Me (free) 02:50
2.AENAK - Stem Out (free) 02:42
3.ÆTERNA - Mad Whack (free) 03:38
4.ALEPH - Knockoff (free) 03:50
5.Ascent - Collapse (free) 02:52
6.Boltex - Rise (free) 02:33
7.Chimera - Quandary (free) 05:23
8.Dillard - Mekka (free) 03:41
9.DJ Ride - Elav Chamber (free) 02:59
10.Frequent - Continuity Error (free) 03:08
11.GNAAR - Send It (free) 03:08
12.High Dude - Unconformity (free) 03:56
13.HØST - Misery (free) 03:16
14.Hurtdeer - Kosm Scarab 41 (free) 04:03
15.Jon Casey - Shatta (free) 02:26
16.Keota - NWO (free) 03:00
17.krakaur - MOTIVE (free) 01:50
18.Missing - Your Love (free) 04:35
19.Modern Noise Machine - Tensor Flow (free) 02:41
20.Pensive - Carpet Snake (free) 03:28
21.Primate - Chili Fingers (free) 04:31
22.Russ Brooker - Blast Furnace (free) 05:20
23.SIID - Deadplan (free) 03:00
24.Uprising - Gassed (free) 03:29

*UPDATE* this compilation is now name your price. Money has been sent to charity and all further donations will support VALE.

World Autism Awareness Day is upon us, and we are thankful to have a talented group of artists come together for the sake of giving back to the special people in our lives. 100% of the proceeds from this project will go towards raising awareness for the community via Autism Speaks. Thank you all for the support!

"When you go to your stereo and turn on the tunes and all is working well with the speaker wire, then the sound is sweet, crisp and clear. You hear what the artist and producer intended for you to hear — and it’s a good and pleasant thing.

However, if your speaker wire has a short in it, if it’s frazzled by a fray, then things might not go so well, and a clear connection could be lost.

There are moments when that frayed wire may be in the perfectly placed position to still allow really solid sound to pass through. In that moment, the music is coming through loud and clear and you get to enjoy the groove.

But then something shifts — even just a little, and suddenly that worn wire produces static (and maybe even sparks). The music’s still there, but with it is another competing noise — a sharp and crepitating noise — a noise that’s taken something pleasant and made it painful.

All of a sudden something shifts again, and everything has gone from simple static to overwhelming and excruciating white noise. In the chaotic cacophony you find yourself reaching for the volume control in order to mute the mess because it hurts.

Then things shift once more and the frayed wire is now in a position where nothing’s getting through. The connection has been lost and all is silent. The stereo itself is still making a melody, but that melody is trapped inside the machine and unknown to anyone on the outside."

"The Frayed Wire" by Lori Sealy
Published via "The Mighty" 04/21/2016
released April 2, 2018


Mastering by DET



Artwork by ALTITXDE


all rights reserved

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