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''Wise men have interpreted dreams, and the gods have laughed.''

Neogoa Records is proud to present Celephaïs - 4th studio album by French artist and producer Jerome Lesterps (better known as Proxeeus).

Since his debut album At The Mountains Of Madness was released back in the summer of 2015. at Neogoa Records, Jerome established himself as one of the leading Goa trance producers working nowdays, releasing two more albums at Goa Madness Records and presenting his vision of acidic Goa music around the globe to his growing following.

Music on Celephaïs was composed during the last three years and it's heavily influenced by HP Lovecraft's novels, especially with Dream Cycle. It foucuses around the subject of dreams where music depicts an abstract image filled with elements of fear, horror and mysticism through the 77 minutes of new material.

Celephaïs is a step-back from the usual high-paced Proxeeus sound, it brings more experimentation and exploration of ambient and downtempo sub-genre, but still keeping a Goa trance as a basis for his musical work.
released May 5, 2019

All tracks written and produced by Jerome Lesterps (France)
web: www.proxeeus.net
contact: proxeeus@gmail.com
facebook & twitter: @proxeeus

Mastering by Igor Čeranić at Deimos Soundlabs (Croatia)
web: www.deimos-soundlabs.net
contact: contact@deimos-soundlabs.com
facebook: @deimoslabs
Artwork design and concept by Ivan Parić (Croatia)
web: www.neogoa.net
contact: richpa@neogoa.net
facebook & twitter: @neogoarecords

1.Celephaïs 06:55
2.Hypnos 08:45
3.Polaris 09:09
4.Dreamlands 11:27
5.Hideous Life, Painful Dreams 10:23
6.Serannian 08:52
7.The Silver Key 10:40
8.Akariel 11:02

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