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Music today is very plastic, mass produced and often without any soul. We need to go back to the past when people were more open. This album is a result of looking back towards the past, while looking for new ways to get away from the present with overly commercial, shallow and plastic culture.

This album is an expression of the search for the secrets of the human mind and mindfulness in general. To find these things we need sounds which are uncontrolled, non-commercial and most importantly different. Things that are said the loudest in this album are not the words, but what can be found in between, to find something in the past, touch the future and try to connect the two together. Music is something that has the power to heal, to bring together, to relax, but the music needs special values and properties.

In our search to disconnect from the corporate & commercial world, to get closer to nature and learn to connect to people and to nature again, we need to go back to when we were children. We shouldn’t want to grow up completely because we want to find something good in this world, deep down we still believe in peace, love, nature, the cosmos and this is what this neo-hippie style of music is here to bring back. Neo-Hippie is not just music, it’s an ideology.

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