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  • Data wydania

    18 czerwca 2020

  • Czas trwania

    7 utworów


1.Crimson - Genesis 02:26
2.Crimson - Logos 02:51
3.Crimson - Redemption 02:57
4.Crimson - Sktch 02:38
5.Crimson - Perception 02:19
6.Crimson - Sktch (J-Shadow Remix) 02:56
7.Crimson - Sktch (Moosiqunt Remix) 04:12

"The 24th EP release from Simply Deep sees us taking another stroll into 140BPM territory. We welcome new face 'Crimson' to the label with a 7 track EP featuring 5 original pieces and 2 remixes.

Crimson (FKA Vasko) is originally from Hamburg but moved to Berlin a few years ago. He has been making Electronic Music for about 5 years now, in the beginning of his musical journey even though there were a lot of Deep Medi shows in Hamburg around this time he didn't take influence from the Dubstep Sound. Crimson took more interest in the soundscapes and moods behind Films, Characters and concepts regarding Synergy and genre blending. We are more than happy to welcome another experimental wizard to the label.

Crimson - Logos EP is a masterclass on producing industrial sounding Bass Music whilst keeping subs thumping and the production crisp. If you are a fan of producers like Tsuruda then this EP is a MUST grab.

For remix duties J-Shadow takes little rest and joins us in our experimental journey once more whilst we welcome another new face Moosiqunt to Simply Deep. J-Shadow takes us on a short expedition through an experimental soundscape with his remix of 'Sktch' slowing the track down below 140BPM. Moosiqunt takes his hand at the same track to remix but with very different results, he keeps the track at 140BPM and strips the track down to barebones whilst adding his own eerie bassline to keep you wobbling."

released June 19, 2020

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