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1 Bitter Peace
2 Death's Head
3 Evil Has No Boundaries
4 Hell Awaits
5 War Ensemble
6 South Of Heaven
7 Raining Blood
8 Dittohead
9 Die By The Sword
10 Black Magic
11 Captor Of Sin
12 Dead Skin Mask
13 Seasons In The Abyss
14 Mandatory Suicide
15 Angel Of Death

Bonus: B-Side
16 Unwanted Instict
17 Wicked

Tracks 1-15 recorded live at the Monsters Of Rock Festival, Velez Sarsfield Stadium, Buenos Aires, Argentina, Dec. 12, 1998.
Track 16 (actually "Unguarded Instinct") is a bonus track from the Japanese version of "Diabolus In Musica".
Track 17 is a bonus track from Japanese/European versions of "Diabolus In Musica".

The bootleg lists the date as December 13th, but the show is actually from the 12th. Almost all of the stage banter is in Spanish.

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