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  • Data di pubblicazione

    31 Gennaio 2018

  • Durata

    11 brani

White Mask has been released on February 1st 2018, this is Violet Blend’s debut album, an italian alternative rock band. For the presentation of the album Florence (IT) woke up with thousands of white masks painted with a purple ‘V’ in every corner of the city.

The album appears as a clear provocation, musical and not. In fact, it has a real matchbox on the cover with the words “Burn your mask" and it is accompanied by the known mask. The message is an aclear and provocative invitation: burn your mask and re-appropriate of human and interpersonal relationships, in the era of social media where you can see millions of masks and very few faces. Violet Blend not only incites to the metaphorical gesture, but provides the real instruments – a mask and a matchbox – to symbolically get rid of the weight of the unreality of today’s world.

To reinforce the concept, Violet Blend decided to distribute the album exclusively at their concerts, this to encourage a relationship and a more direct and real communication with their supporters.

“Every Time (We Say Goodbye)" and “Venus Mask" are also released on YouTube as web videos.

On February 10, 2018, the Violet Blend presented White Mask at the Viper Theater in Florence, from here the new “Burn Your Mask Tour" took them all over Italy, England and Wales, for a total of 30 dates of which half in the United Kingdom. White Mask is available as a free download on the band’s website and in all major digital shops.

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