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  • Data di pubblicazione

    18 Giugno 2018

  • Durata

    1 brano

Wildly Shine is a delicate song about a dramatic event: a slow ballad that evolves into a forceful ending, where the mourning of a sudden loss turns into the celebration of a meaningful person. A song about the ability to let someone go like a feather to the wind, to treasure someone's soul forever. When so much is given, the bond never breaks, but rather compounds with each element (“the wood I burn / those blue singing birds / the dew the Gods drink / the bloom of growing trees”), with every thing on earth.

Wildly Shine is one last dance to say goodbye to a loved one, an emotional vibe with both smooth and rough vocals, and a dreamy atmosphere all around. It is meant to represent the eternity of the impact that a person could have on others.
A homage to a friend the band met on the road, who struck them as a person who would have definitely made the world a more beautiful place.

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