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Paolo Baldini DubFiles teams up with singer and soundman Dan I of Imperial Sound Army, one of the main European soundsystems, for the project entitled "Dolomites Rockers".
Structured following the classic “showcase” scheme, thus alternating each song with its related dub version, "Dolomites Rockers" explores a darker electronic and heavyweight sonic landscape compared to the previous DubFiles works. Baldini maintains his renowned analog and organic approach when it comes to production, Dan I once more proves his skilful songwriting providing rock-solid riddims and powerful melodies.
The album is enriched by special guest appearances by several artists (among others, Akae Beka, Fikir Amlak, and Benji Revelation), to further testify the international calling of a project which will be loved by dub fans all around the world.
The album is released via La Tempesta Dub and is available on digital platforms and CD. Singles “We Rasta” and “Banton/Mighty Negus” are available respectively on 7” and 12” vinyl.

01 - Intro - ft. Mark Iration
02 - Ethiopian Anthem – ft. Dan I
03 - Mighty Negus – ft. Benji Revelation & Dan I 04 - Mighty Negus Dub
05 - We Rasta – ft. Dan I
06 - We Rasta Dub
07 - Banton – ft. Akae Beka & Fikir Amlak
08 - Banton Dub
09 - Crucial – ft. Dan I
10 - Crucial Dub
11 - Selassie I Great – ft. Fikir Amlak
12 - Jah No Dead – ft. Dan I
13 - Jah No Dead Dub
14 - Vampaya – ft. Dan I
15 - Vampaya Dub
16 - Jah Bible – ft. Dan I & Cisco Kid
17 - Jah Bible Dub
18 - Warriors – ft. Sammy Dreadlocks
19 - Warriors Dub
20 - Salute – ft. Dan I
21 - Salute Dub
22 - Duppy Conqueror – ft. Dan I

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