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We, as Heavy Demons, would like to introduce you to our new album, Tenebra, scheduled for release on June 24th 2010. With the following few paragraphs, we intend to give you an overview on the environment in which Tenebra came to life and on the contents of this effort, in order for you to achieve a more conscious listening experience.

Tenebra is the first full-length album produced by Heavy Demons. It was recorded and mixer during summer / fall 2010 at Stairway Studio, Melano (CH) by Ste Scenini, and mastered at Bionic Mastering (NY) by Tom Hutten.

The album contains the material developed during the last years, includes the re-visitation of some old songs from the first era of the band and a tribute of Heavy Demons from the Italian horror metal band Death SS.

The nine original songs found in Tenebra represent the best material written by the band in the last ten years. The several eras of the band can be perceived by listening through the about 50 minutes composing the album: the growth of the band, both lyrically and musically-wise, is evident if we compare in example an old song such as Welcome to my Resurrection . already present in the first demo "Light of Darkness" (2001) - to a more mature, more advanced technically and more accurately arranged one like Dark Devotion.

The lyrics tell of both fictional and real experiences lived by the possessed frontman and vocalist Jack Demon. The concepts are enriched by a tint of occultism and secrets stolen but never said.

The album concludes with a cover of the song Heavy Demons, with which the Demons want to pay tribute to the band Death SS, a great icon in the Italian scene, which has been an inspiration - perhaps even more conceptually than musically - during the first steps of Jack Demon's life as an artist.

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