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Enuma Elish La Nabu Shamu' is actually a Babylonian text. 'Enuma-Elish' is the Babylonian creation myth. 'Nabu' is the Babylonian god of destiny. And 'Shamu' means something like 'the granting of requests'. This leads me to conclude that this odd name means something like 'I put my faith in your hands, destiny'. I might however be far off from the truth. Another thing derived from Babylonian myths is the first track, 'The Invocation Of Marduk'. Marduk was Nabu's father and god of magic. It could be that the invocation of this god, is both invoking magic, and invoking destiny, as destiny is his child.

Enoch was in Hebrew mythology the seventh human ever to live. Because he was the seventh and seven being the number where heaven and earth meets, he was the ultimate human. He even walked with the gods for 300 years before his life ended. Needless to say after all these explanations, the occult and mythological stand strong in the music of Enoch. Then especially cabbalism and the Semitic occultism.

When it comes to the music, it can be compared to Skepticism and other similar bands, but is by no means a copy of anyone. Their music is, unlike any other funeral act, adapted to suit the occult and mystical. A ghastly synth works together with an otherwise pretty minimalistic and bleak sound. Still the drums make the music pretty intense at times. All perfectly suited for an obscure session of spirit manifestations.

But there is not just occultism in their music. You will also find the most traditional of all funeral doom themes: despair and suicidality. Their third track is a perfect example of this. A quiet and wallowing atmosphere wanders along slowly at the pace of one beat pr three heartbeats. But don't expect them to be as slow all the time. Silvio, the ex drummer of Ras Algethi, is good at putting an edge to the music by accelerating up the pace on the big drum.

Last I would like to say that I really like it when bands put out their demos for free like Enoch has. And with good music like this, they are doing the whole doom scene a favour. It's not all about making money on what one plays. It's also about being able to share personal things with others through the music. In this case you'll get both mental torment and occult prayers free of charge. Now which doom fan would not put his hands on this?

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