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ExtraSenseory Vastness, Of Musical Creativity & Expression In Music & Vocals.

Wow, how would I describe this,it was like a choir like mantra or spiritually awakening moments of sweet angel like vocals, that sang into my minds eye and heart. At the beginning of this unique and cleverly, earthy, mantra/ zen like spiritualistic album that progressed and progressed the deeper into the journey and trip you took. That then transcended into a hypnotic, drumnbass,acoustic, guitar, bass guitar, electronic, visionary soundscapes that where poetic, tranquil and spectacularly minimalistic in all.. I was like tripping on a new level I have never been before in music. And With both the vocals and music of course at times as well. That took me over and subconsciously and therapeutically recharged me and make me renewed and fill of vigor and vitality, peace and love and over joyous happiness. That was cleansing and pure and purifying your heart, mind and soul completely.

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