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Cometa - Distant Worlds (December 7, 2009)


First chapter of the trilogy “ Life in Translation”
Distant worlds are inside us, in the infinite space between two neurons, in the folds of the skin, under the nails, in the cells of a hair which falls out.
Distant worlds are outside us, distant stars, we think we are there, but really, we are nowhere.
The western way of thinking, the oriental way of thinking, both lacking; maybe a combination of both would be preferable or maybe it would be better to create a new way.
A transmigratory way of thinking without a centre, always mutating, always in motion, able to overpower traditional views, launched in unknown places. Space-ships, we are space-ships on a journey into the depths of space.
“Truly distant worlds” is dedicated to Moondog; in tracks 2 and 5, I used the sequence of notes from one of his sublime works : “Fujiyama”.
The arguments about musical genres leave me cold, like the intolerable habit of putting vague ideas of absolute truths, which in reality do not exist, in the same category as things which inhabit the universe of the ephemeral.
The scoring of the project is the echo of the sounds which accumulate in the mind, probably sonic waste : rock, ambient, contemporary, noise, minimal etc. The technical tool is a computer and the instrument is the small Me.
I hope not to add more tediousness to other tediousness.
Thank you for your time.

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Cover art by Vortex Images (Anna Secondini)

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