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  • Data di pubblicazione

    23 Giugno 2010

  • Durata

    14 brani

About "Process Of Elimination"
At one time or another, we all look for resolution, some cure or remedy. A method of problem solving exists which involves removing all options that may be impossible or illogical to find as the solution. Process of Elimination is the title and inspiration behind Cervello Elettronico's new release on Rustblade. Each song on the album demonstrates alienation and chaos in a way which reveals the obvious end of a musical journey. From hard rhythmic experimental beats to pulsating electro EBM bass lines, this latest effort displays a new polished sound for the project while keeping it's unique raw harsh sound. Clever sampling and sound design showcase Cervello Elettronico's particular type of intelligent dance music. This definitely establishes a different sound in it's own genre by pushing boundaries. At the same time Process of Elimination pays tribute to old school techno and industrial pioneers through careful execution and sometimes a hint of satire. These 14 tracks include guest vocals from Karloz M of Manufactura, Uberbyte's Richard Pyne, and Ben Arp from American industrial dance act C/A/T. It also features European exclusive remixes from French break beat artist Zeller and EBM Industrial act Aesthetic Perfection.

About " BIPOLAR " - WorldWide - LTD to 300 copies only.
Bipolar is Rustblade's exclusive box release, which includes all 14 tracks from Process of Elimination plus an additional disc featuring remixes by P.A.L, Geistform, Detune-X, Xotox, Sandblasting and many more artists. Each interpretation of material from all of Cervello Elettronico's history takes you through a diverse and intriguing path. Rare unreleased songs such as "Stolen Memories" and "Killer Instinct" are given new light by Noorglo and Xotox respectively. Also included are original alternate versions of "Demonize" and "Crystal Lines", both songs from Process of Elimination. The box releases also contains a post card and a stud.

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