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BABYLONIA are back with an amazing new album entitled “MOTEL LA SOLITUDE”, a perfect mix of electronic music, pop and experimenting!

Four years after their earcatching debut album “LATER TONIGHT”, the Italian cult band’s long-awaited second offering “MOTEL LA SOLITUDE” is for the palates of not only those who love Synthpop but also for who likes a good pop song.

At the same time energetic and melancholic, the new album marks a step forward for Babylonia’s music and demonstrates their ability to forge memorable ballads and inspired lyrics in a personal and unique way.

Out in January 2010, “MOTEL LA SOLITUDE” reveals an introspective side of the band, the fruit of 3 years’ writing and recording and production and mixing at Milan’s Massive Art Studios with sound engineer Marco Barusso (Lacuna Coil, Cradle Of Filth among others).

The resulting sound, refined but raunchy is, in the end, the natural result of constant research and live shows that have taken the band across Europe from Berlin to Prague via Paris and Bratislava as well as Babylonia’s opening act as supporter for cult bands Client, IAMX e Melotron.

The first single BY MY SIDE is a great upbeat pop song including electronic sounds, synthetic drum beats and a catchy vocal line with a high potential.

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