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  • Data di pubblicazione

    14 Febbraio 2018

  • Durata

    9 brani

Light Cut took his form between 2015 and 2017, a very obscure period for the band's members who needed to find a sort of catharsis in their music and new inspirations.
The tracks of Light Cut, compared to the ones included in their debut album Aikira (2014) are therefore more obscure and conscious in songwriting, ranging between black-metal fascinations (Yonaguni) and more rarefied (Drive) or lysergic (Something Escapes) soundscapes. The tracks are nervous, their plots (Alan) often inturrupted and twisted towards sudden explosions which find their ideal dimension in the band's live shows. Also Etera, their first single, shows the two faces of Aikira, through an alternation of frenetic riffs and more dilated moments without losing its tension. Darkness also predominates in the creeping Vantablack, while Voyager represents perhaps a glimmer between syncopated rhythms and noisy demons.
Light Cut was recorded by Davide Grotta, in the ST studio in Tortoreto (TE). Davide himself contributed to the record playing the piano and the theremin in the two Elementals, short sound splinters born improvising during the recording sessions. The other collaboration is the narrating voice of Emanuela Valiante in Something Escapes.
The album was mixed by Enrico Baraldi in the “Waiting Room Studio” in Bologna through a meticulous craftwork, in line with the band's intentions.
In November 2017 the final step of Light Cut was made by Riccardo "Paso" Pasini, who mastered the album in Ravenna in his "Studio 73. The album is entirely self-produced by Aikira.

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