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Formerly known as “Genesis”, Invincible contains 20 of the duo's most popular tracks from previous albums, as well as 2 previously unreleased compositions. Don't let the burly Gladiator on the cover fool you into thinking that only epic and combative cues are featured. While there is plenty of action, it is joined by an array of softer, emotional and romantic pieces, several featuring beautiful solo vocals. Together, the myriad of tracks take the listener on a dramatic, epic journey through the spectrum of human emotions, tugging at the heartstrings all the while. After listening to the album, its easy to understand why it has built up such an incredible amount of hype in the community.
Thankfully, the album meets the lofty expectations set forth by the community easily, often managing to surpass them. For those of you hurrying to save the world from rampaging guinea pigs, I urge you to stop reading, buy Invincible, and listen to it while battling the ferocious beasts. Win or loose, your battle is guaranteed to be approximately 954% more epic!
Though I'm sure that just about everyone has a favorite song that didn't make the cut, Thomas and Nick have done an outstanding job of assembling the very best tracks from their catalog. Though certainly not perfect, the album is an unparalleled 58 minute musical experience that stands as one of the finest examples of the genre as a whole. For those of you seeking to turn all of your friends into Trailer Music junkies, this should be your weapon of choice. Were I to give every track the attention it deserves we would be here all night, so I will only take the time to comment on a few of the most outstanding pieces.
The biggest problem with the album lies not with the music itself, but the problems inherent in digital distribution of music. Fans have been clamoring to hear this music in lossless, and there are few albums more deserving of such clarity. Unfortunately the rules set in place by distributors means that for now it is limited to lossy mp3's. Nonetheless, the music still sounds sharp and epic even with mp3 compression, and this is one album which even the most hardcore audiophiles should snatch up. It's worth it.
Ultimately, Invincible is a musical triumph and a powerful testament to just how much Trailer music has grown and matured during the past several years. There isn't a bad apple in the entire bunch, and each track will tug at your heart in its own unique and powerful manner. I won't say outright that this is the best album I've ever heard, but it ranks very highly on my list. It doesn't matter if you are a fan of trailer music or not; Invincible is likely to please any fans of orchestral and choral music (along with some who aren't particular fans of either).The next public release, Nemesis II, will no doubt raise the bar even higher. Invincible represents the vert best of Thomas and Nick's first few years at Two Steps From Hell, and if tracks like “To Glory” and “Ocean Princess” are any indication of what's coming up, we have some truly unimaginable surprises in store for us over the next few years!

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