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Before the release of their new 100% electronic album "DSM " in the fall 2010 (label/release date TBA soon) already produced & mastered by Vasi Vallis (Frozen Plasma, Reaper), AD INFERNA continues the musical evolution called "Heroine (Revisited Trance und Tanz)", the ultimate Klub Remixes Kollection available only in digital download stores. The concept of this "Mega" release is to offer their own remixes of 7 tracks of their second acclaimed album Trance:N:Dance (on Orkus, Dark Spy, Legacy … and stayed one month in the German Electronic Webcharts).

Are included also: one collaboration (versus) on the cover of Visage “Fade to Grey” with Micky Noise (ex Wizzy Noise, one of the most creative psychedelic trance band) and 3 RMX by Colony 5, Supreme Court and C-Lekktor. The mastering has been done by the wellknown Kolja aka Soman. The pre-prod versions of RMX like “Redemption”, “SM for SM” or “Metamorphose” have already been played all over the world by many Djs and "Suicide Girl - Heroïne RMX" has been chosen to feature on Extreme Sündenfall Compilation Vol. 9.

You are warned: do not try to label them - AD INFERNA has chosen to break down the barriers of musical genres to offer their own musical, visual and thematic style: each production is different and synthesizes their own personal evolution.

Release date 3rd May 2010 on Ionium Records http://www.ionium-records.info

Ad Inferna webistes :


Tracklist :

H1. Injektion
H2. Suicide Girl "Heroïne" RMX
H3. Transcendez l'Extase "Extatik" RMX
H4. Vertige "Klub" RMX
H5. SM 4 SM "Mega" RMX
H6. You as my Own Drug "for Klubs"
H7. Redemption "DJ Edit"
H8. Metamorphose "for Klubs"
H9. Fade to Grey *
H10. SM 4 SM
H11. SM 4 SM
H12. Vertige "Hitchcock Remix"

List of possible download stores:

AOL, Beatport, mp3.de, 4Friends, Inprodicon, DJ Tunes, Dancetracks, Beatsdigital, Fnac, Musicload
/ T-Online, 24|7, Music4Brands, Hip Digital, Wasabeat, FineTunes, mobivillage, Trackitdown, 3 Beat Digital, aim4music, eMusic, Vidzone, iTunes, Musiwave, Nuclear Blast, 7 Digital, Soundloader, Deutsche-DJ-Playlist, Juno, OD2, DJ Download, Jamba!, Sunset Wireless, Akuma, Venturemusic, Vonyc, Dancemusichub, Virgin Mega Store, Audio Jelly, Dancetunes, Global Groove, Individual CD, Fast Forward, Musicbrigade, Higher Frequency, Napster, Rhapsody , Arvato , mobilisten , Securycast , Amazon , CD DJ , www.djshop.de, www.djshop.ch, www.dj-shop.at, www.vinyl-distribution.co.uk, www.vinyl-distribution.nl, www.vinyl-distribution.com, Net Mobile, Traxsource, www.vinyl24.de, Adtunes, Aspiro, Audible, Beatsource, Biisi.fi, Buongiorno, Callarecord, Commodore International Corp.,
Destra, Digital Media Power, Kiver srl, Cellular, Discotraxx, Kufala, Legaldownload, Leomobile, Minick, Musicstar, MusicBuyMail, PhonoFile DK / Basepoint Media, PhonoNet, Paragallo, Payvision, Recordoffice, Rosso Alice - Yalp, Seven Senses, Soundbuzz, Telus, Visono, Zero9, Videoload, Akado.ru

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