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Mai 19

Dub FX + Spoonbill

Avec Dub Fx et Spoonbill à The Metro Theatre


De samedi 19 Mai 2012 à 20:00


The Metro Theatre
624 George St, Sydney, 2000, Australia

Tel : (02) 9550 3666

Web :

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*May contain traces of nuts! Noisy Chicken have high quality control standards to ensure nutrition and satisfaction at their events, however they cannot give a guarantee there will be no NUTTERS!!!

The key nuts contained in this event are Dub FX and Spoonbill. For those who are hypersensitive to nuts and/or music, you might react in strange styles of dancing. For serious reactions caused by these musical nutters, help will be near... Mr Bill will guide you through your anaphylactic fit with his very own natural remidies of "wamp-wamps" and "shibbi-shibbies"

Adding to the night will be performances from Bumble and Itsu, along with colours and tricks from other performers. Noisy Chicken will bring along the vibes to set the Metro OFF!

Dub FX is a worldwide street performer and studio recording artist. Dub FX uses a Boss RC-50 Loop Station along with a GT-10 effects pedal to create vocal-only beats, and then sings &raps over the top. His music is infused with drum and bass, hip-hop and dub step influences and has the power to turn heads of all backgrounds across the world with his prolific street based performances.

After having built up a solid fan-base, he has released several records, including a solo album, Everythinks a Ripple, and many collaborative works. He still travels the world, and seems set to bring looper pedals some much deserved attention from across the genres.

Spoonbill began, as is often the case with birds of play, in the bush. Back then, though, he hadn't grown his plumage. Back then he was simply known as Jim Moynihan and he had no feathers to speak of. What he did have, however, was a natural ear for rhythm, sound and vibe, playing kit to audiences in pubs some time before the law recognised him as a legal punter.

After completing a degree in Industrial design, he began freelancing as a product and sound designer on a broad spectrum of commercial and art-based projects that saw him exhibit his conceptual ideas in museums around the world. He won a wide range of audio production awards including the First Place and People's Choice Award, Electrovision 2004, and Best Sound Design, 2003 in the 15/15 International Film Festival.

As well as design work, over the years he was busily honing his sonic craft and laying birth to new tracks unannounced to the outside world. In 2005 he decided to let his sonic persona take flight in the form of Spoonbill, with the debut album: Megafauna. Spoony's iconic mix of improvised electronica, sound art aesthetics and heavily edited live instrumental recordings became an instant underground hit, the scene taking to this new Aussie direction in electronica like the collective duck to water.

Moynihan is a restless sonic author constantly defying genres and experimenting with the potential of the vast sonic canvas. He has carved a unique niche within contemporary electronic music, building a worldwide reputation for his idiosyncratic sound design and richly textured high production values.

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