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  • Fecha de lanzamiento

    22 Febrero 2016

  • Duración

    9 temas

Constellation Tatsu releases "Cosmic Winds", a path of synthesizers in trance, fuzzy guitars and ominous beats that evoke the darkness of outer space, a clash of paradigms between acoustic music and music made with new technologies.

In "Cosmic Winds" we can find the glow of a distant sun and the reflection of the icy vastness of the universe itself, heat and cold. It's like a planetary beast that lurks in the darkness, for it is in the darkness in where the unknown hazards covered are hidden by endless shadows, but even in the dark can be found some light, as the oyster keeping with delicacy its pearl or a secret hidden behind a fern thorns, that's "Cosmic Winds".

Floating between the frequencies of Dark-Ambient and Drone, "Cosmic Winds" also brings together elements of Psychedelic-Rock, Kraut and improvisation, especially in "Sun Dogs" and "Hadean", creating otherworldly ecosystems, though more well "Cosmic Winds" is a compendium of several worlds. The music is constantly changing and tends to warmer harmonies as you go along but the high point of this album are the last two pieces that comprise it, "Mood Light" and "Black Tears" where the squeaky synthesizers, the ominous notes and Drone are clear characters from the beginning, an hallucinating end and little expected..

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