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The tracks on the album
By Jaime Andrés Monsalve B. (translated by Karol Vanessa Owens)

From the selection of the name itself, Bogota - Buenos Aires speaks of a stellar combination between cities and sounds. If the Argentine conductor Terig Tucci, the one responsible for the arrangement of El día que me quieras, recorded by Gardel, yielded to the influence of the pasillo composing Anita la bogotana, and if the singer Charlo recognized "the bohemian of his wild youth" in the piece Tango en Colombia, then it was destined that in the future a tango format born in the Colombian capital would reunite these musical languages that unite us as Latin Americans.
In their first album, the Quintet Leopoldo Federico has had the wisdom of combining tangos of vanguard sounds with occasional canonical pieces of the genre in a modern arrangement, alternating with tracks in the Colombian Andean key that take a new meaning thanks to the harmonic richness of the format imposed by Astor Piazzolla. The present work is an achievement of both the select groups of Colombian and Argentinian arrangers who, enthusiastically, participated in the project.
released May 19, 2015

Quinteto Leopoldo Federico (Colombia)
Giovanni Parra Huertas (bandoneon), Alberto Tamayo (piano), Miguel Angel Guevara (violin), Kike Harker (Double Bass) and Francisco Avellaneda (electric guitar)

Produced by Alejandro Sánchez-Samper and Giovanni Parra Huertas.
Engineered by Matt Baltrucki and Alejandro Sánchez-Samper.
Assistant engineers: Ben Cross, Joel Iglesias, Hunter Isbell and Jesse La Pierre.
Editing and mix by Alejandro Sánchez-Samper.
Mastered by Bob Katz.
Recorded at Florida Atlantic University – University Theatre, October 17-20, 2014.
℗ 2015 Hoot/Wisdom Recordings. All Rights Reserved.

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