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    6 temas

Cannibal Autopsy
Post-Mortem (Dessicate Visceral Liquefaction) , Demo 1994

Demo Cassette realizado en Mayo de 1994,
Grabado en 4 canales en el sello Corpse Records,Junin,Buenos Aires,Argentina.
Letras en Ingles.
Letras:Tata Leiva y Sergio Woudwyk,arreglos Tata Leiva,traduccion al Ingles Mario Bauza.
Musica: Sergio Woudwyk ,German Derrico.Tata Leiva, Luciano Patiño de teclado, Backy Maggi en Beneath The Cannibal Autopsy. Javier Oruza en Death Feast.
Arte General de Tapa Mario Bauza,
Logo e idea de Tapa Sergio Woudwyk.

Lista de Temas:

Lado (A)

1 - Rigor Mortis. (0,39)
2 - Death Feast. (0,44)
3 - Beneath The Cannibal Autopsy. (3,38)
4 - At The Dark Side Of My Death. (2,07)

Lado (B)

1 - Post-Mortem. (2,46)
2 - Ejaculator. (2,23)
3 - Souls Autopsy. (0,48)


Cristian Tata Leiva ,voz,guturales.
Mario Bauza ,voces adicionales,guturales.
German Derrico ,guitarra.
Javier Oruza, bajo.
Luciano Buda Patiño, teclado.
Sergio Woudwyk, bateria.

Cannibal Autopsy - Post-Mortem (Dessicate Visceral Liquefaction) ,
Demo 1994.

Letras :


1. Rigor Mortis

(intro guturales)


2- Death Feast

At the time of your death
microorganisms hopin’ concealed in you
will start to declime your entrails,
ferment the putrefaction
the mild corpse explodes ,dashing the stomach
exhuming gases forming spumous bubbles
necrologist beings responding at the call of infectious purulences,
a cadaveric fauna will devour you to your bones,
sucking the chunky advanced liquefaction,
decaying your flesh,your cells,
in the hermetism of your coffin
your wastes already belong
to the death feast.


3- Beneath the Cannibal Autopsy.

Sinister remains, brings agony
screams and strange noises
just for a moment, a loaded smell
get intolerable the air quite rare
in middle of a heavy fog, the sunset falls quickly,
rigid darkness surround it's destiny,
inside the gotic room,
waching in the floor a few blackened spots,
the rest emanates something strange,
beneath the cannibal autopsy,
mind is over body, subway of ideas
unluckyness and black fortune,
beneath the cannibal autopsy,
horror froze them,
beneath the cannibal autopsy
inside the coffin
rotted bodies, mutilated,
beneath the cannibal autopsy
showing ugly feelings through terrible actions
tasting the bitter poison, entrails liquid
tasting the nausea, swallowing watery blood,
beneath the cannibal autopsy,
beneath the cannibal autopsy,
beneath the cannibal autopsy,
I sink my teeth to the heart,
after drill the torax,
beneath the cannibal autopsy,
beneath the cannibal autopsy,
beneath the edge of scalpel
the fright in their crisped faces
and horror in their eyes.


4- At The Dark Side Of My Death.

A world of sinister visions around my soul
the abbysal darkness sinks me into eternal pain.
My soul burns in the flames of spectral darkness
back to me sad memories of the casket
shades dimension into an agony death
recalling sins and good acts of my life,
feeling them,suffering.
Life flashes resemble infinitly, after death
flesh spoils in the depth of the coffin
having to stand it’s damage and decay
by that attachment that feels the soul for flesh
roaming in the great illusion of return
reincarnate to suffer,
to feel the deep pain,punching my body
remember the peril between life and death,
physical grief about rigor mortis
stay of soul inside the cold body,
shrouding,funeral,last sparks of light before they
covered up my coffin
to hear the fall of soil over me,
to be eaten by necrophagus insects
nasty souls,waiting for me,
surrounding my body
waiting to carry me to hell.
Help me! I want to go back,and see the world just like before,
but a crepitant emanation of the purgatory
round me for me to see the vile reality
feel we are dead,limited by a sphere of nauseous darkness,
condemned to a disincarnated eternity amused to death,
until supreme god relief my soul torments,
and break trhu the dark load of my own karma
by all those mistakes of ignorance that were commited,
that just brought me the dark side of my own death,
just a casket in hell.


5- Post-Mortem.

Death cry, agony cry,
nightmares that reveal your condition
succession of mind disorders
practising your favorite acts
looting the mortal agony
parts of an endless wrath
stirring like a monotonous pendulum
with a head that misses all notion of reality.
Mortalize the soul,chewing your sorrow,
funeral shrewd over you,
sheltering the cold, fleshless wrapping of the soul,
corroded by sepulchral creatures,
in the abyss and grim hermetism of the coffin,
property of that slow biological process called death,
profane anatomy,
appearance of an ambition of being nothing
else than infecting putrefaction
suppurous protein for the in habitants of tombs.
Agony cry, in rigor mortis
death cry, post-mortem
succumbing in the dephts.
Death cries in the necropsy practised to deceased
by cannibal invader,
consuming every part of his morbid body…
volatilizes the essence of your cerebral cell,
as your skull stays untouched
till the necrophagus achieve digging your bones
reaching at last the brain,
and that will be when those frightening cries of agony,
humming so malignantly
coming from a corrupted death
that can't rest in peace.


6- Ejaculator.

Funeral act of sensual exequies,
hymen privation,untouchable clitoris
by a godless dick, semen irrigator
necrophobic sex beast rising up
leaving just a memory of a homicidal usurpation.

Lost of conscious in the glommy room
stinking smell of a broken vagina
blood trails by a desperate intention
to run away from the ejaculator
penetrated laps, anal lust
discomposure, peaceless meat
ejaculator, criminal act.

Bacterium attack, partial vexation,
seas of semen, invaded by tadpoles
massive meshes by the great dick of the beast,
sweated females asking for criminal sagacity.

Pain screams, ejaculated and possessed flesh,
pools of melting shit and semen,
panting women asking for more,
discomposure, peaceless meat,
ejaculator, criminal act.

7- Souls Autopsy
(outro , guturales)
Cannibal Autopsy - Post-Mortem (Dessicate Visceral Liquefaction) , Demo 1994

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