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  • Fecha de lanzamiento

    29 Febrero 2016

  • Duración

    4 temas

Blue Fetish is a Spanish band formed in 2014.Their members are David Ramírez (guitar),
Jaime Pandelet (drums), Leonardo Galán (bass) and Nach de Torres (vocals and lyrics).
Although it is a rock band, the style is quite eclectic, with influences from classic rock, punk
and garage.They barely do covers, and the few they got (Smile, for instance), are quite
personal and adapted to their style.
Most of their songs are quite intense in the way they express their messages; they usually talk
about the relationships between men and women with humour, a little bit of cynicism and a
complete lack of respect for social conventions. These messages, however, and the
characters and situations portrayed are obviously not apologetic:there is a "cool" side in the
stories they tell, but irony is all around and there is a touch of sadness in them all aswell. It is
common, also, to find more than one point of view in them.
The songs are written in first person, what makes think of the possibility that they are always
about the same character through different adventures, or about the same character's point of
view about different topics.
Most of the originals are written in English, though their first EP (Duolan), contains two songs
in Chinese (Duolan多兰,Meiguanxi没关系).

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