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Čao Laru, it is the meeting of six musicians of the Training Center of the Musicians Speakers of Rennes, it is a dialogue between six voices and a swarm of instruments of here and elsewhere: violin, cavaquinho, cello, pandeiro , saxophone, zaboumba, double bass, maracas, accordion, caxixi, …

Čao Laru, these are songs from here and elsewhere, from Europe (East) and America (South) …
Čao Laru, it is a crossroads between Macedonian polyphony and Brazilian circandas, between Occitan songs and Balkan rhythms, between harmonized compositions and traditional pieces re-arranged.

Čao Laru, that's what we say when we meet as well as when we separate.

Čao Laru, it's an exclamation, an invitation to share, to discover, to escape.

Čao Laru, it is also a project of travel on the roads of Eastern Europe in the summer of 2016, and on the roads of South America since November 2016. From alleys to paved squares, From colorful markets to crowded trucks, from seaside resorts to remote villages, we meet those who cross our path to share a little of our lives thanks to this wonderful link that knows no boundaries, music.

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