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  • Veröffentlichungsdatum

    9. April 2020

This tune was written for the concept of "Sea" as a part of a joint project between artists that will hopefully see the light of day as a whole at some point.

The story:
A girl lives alone on the ocean floor, unable to swim up due to the strong currents above her pulling water masses downwards. She's spent her whole life there.

One night there's an earthquake, causing the currents to vanish, and so the girl swims up. She's sees the starlit sky for the first time in her life and is overcome with all kinds of emotions.

Soon enough the currents start to form back though, and pull her back to the bottom of the sea.

A thousand lights
drown this world in reverie
A glow
warms the night
I lay curled in this dream

in the deep
whispered secrets to me
And so,
The world asleep
cautiously set me free

I was shown
I am not alone
But I know
I must let it all go

And as I look beyond the rivers tempting me
They flow backwards like my time above this god forsaken sea
The momentary shift would never set me free
But even so I cannot help but cry if no one hears my plea

Break my bones but let me flee
Don't rob me of this peaceful dream
Oh, the ocean's breaking at its seams
Wish I never gazed above the stream

Down I go

released April 10, 2020
Vocals - Ella Eriksson
Guitars, Bass, Writing, Arrangement, Mixing - Ztla
Additional Mixing, Mastering - Joel Lindfors at Lindfors Productions

Cover Art by Pastelmoon

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