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While Count to Ten was recorded, Dico also recorded the EP A Beginning, which later became part of the Trilogy. In January 2008 Dico and Dennis Ahlgren recorded the second EP, A Detour. Dico met the Icelandic singer Helgi Jonsson on a tour with Teitur Lassen in May 2008. Jonsson and Dico collaborated on the song "Walls" on the third EP, An Open Ending, which was recorded in summer 2008 by Dico and Ahlgren, in-between festivals. In summer 2008 Dico and her band played on the Orange Stage at Roskilde Festival– the largest concert and stage she's ever played. In September 2008, Dico won The Crown Prince And Princess’s Award and DKK 500.000. She received it for "having the courage to look the contradictory and difficult parts of existence in the eyes, and for the ability to express it in a very special, life-affirming fashion that many can identify themselves with." A week after she won the cultural award, the EP collection A Beginning, A Detour, An Open Ending (also known as "The Trilogy") was released. After the release, a large tour around the world with Ahlgren and Jonsson followed. In 2008 Dico won the Gaffa-award for "Singer of the Year" second year in a row.

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