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  • Veröffentlichungsdatum

    1. Januar 2005

  • Dauer

    12 Titel

In 2004 Dico signed an international record deal with Sony England. Recording sessions for her international debut album In the Red began at the end of 2004 with producer Chris Potter. This was the first and last time Dico ever worked with someone other than Dennis Ahlgren, who has helped produce all her other albums. In early 2005, Sony and BMG merged, and the record deal was cancelled. The legal rights to the songs were handed over to Dico, and the album was released in cooperation with the Danish company A:Larm in June 2005. The album got very mixed reviews, but was a commercial success. "Nobody’s Man" and "Warm Sand" received a lot of radio play. In The Red went straight to No. 1 on the Danish album chart in front of prominent names such as U2 and Coldplay. In January 2006, Dico won the P3 Award and DKK 100.000 which is granted by Danish National Radio P3. The jury said this of Dico’s effort: "Courage, self-esteem and talent is required if you want to be yourself and perform your own songs – without over-styled fuss. The winner of the P3 Award certainly possesses these qualities." In March 2006 Dico won the Danish Music Award for "Singer of the Year." Meanwhile, she released her first live DVD, Live in the Red, which was performed and recorded in Store Vega in Copenhagen.

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