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  • Veröffentlichungsdatum

    13. Oktober 2016

  • Dauer

    5 Titel

- “Canadian three-piece Room Control’s first official release ‘Past The Breakers’ is a sonic journey through synthesized alien atmospheres and industrial 80’s inspired snare hits…leaving you completely entranced throughout the entire record.” - Brad Eather : Metratone (AU) : www.metratone.com.au/roomcontrolptb/

- “ ‘Past The Breakers’ impressed me mightily….the music is fantastic, but what grabbed me the most was the creativity behind it, both in the making and the producing. The seamless way in which they have taken aspects from seemingly disparate genres and melded them to produce something this good is remarkable.” - Dayz of Purple and Orange (UK) : dayzofpurpleandorange.blogspot.ca/2016/11/review-room-control-past-breakers-ep.html

- “This Post-Rock band fuse a multitude of genre-bending music that will give you the urge to close your eyes and escape to a different reality created by them.” - IX Daily : ixdaily.com/the-buzz/listen-montreal-post-rock-band-room-control-release-their-past-breakers-ep

- “…hautement inspirée, avec sa touche psychédélique et ses répétitions hypnotiques, un voyage sonore qui détonne!” - Pascal DesLauriers : Boulimique de Musique.

- “A great package for lovers of cerebral krautrock. This… more
released October 14, 2016

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