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Peder Mannerfelt first slipped onto the radar with straightforward house and techno under the name The Subliminal Kid. Over the next decade, his sound underwent an extraordinary transformation. He began making textural, freeform electronic music with Malcolm Pardon as Roll The Dice. He then worked with Karin Dreijer on her first album as Fever Ray as well its 2017 follow-up, Plunge. On his own, he crafted dynamic and creatively unhinged tracks that contain all the best energy of club music and none of its stylistic constraints.

Mannerfelt's explanation for these changes makes for excellent advice to any young producer: "It was when I stopped trying to do 'techno' that techno people started paying attention to what I was doing," he tells us below. "At a certain point I just stopped giving a shit and started banging out whatever I felt like at the moment." That nerve to follow even the oddest creative impulses is what electrifies not only Mannerfelt's productions, but his DJ sets as well. On RA.669, he leads us on a colourful, twisting, unpredictable journey through his eccentric musical universe.

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