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  • Jahre aktiv

    2003 – heute (19 Jahre)

=english version below=
=japanese version below=

Der Hauptstadtvierer lässt live melodiösen, lauten, partytauglichen und tanzbaren RockPunkRock mit Eiern und Ohrwurmalarm aus seinem dicken Sack – und das nun schon auf bisher über 300 Konzerten und Festivals zwischen Kiel und St.Gallen (u.a. als fünfmaliger Support von DIE ÄRZTE auf der 2008er Jäzzfäst Tour, als Support von ABWÄRTS, DIE HAPPY, ONE FINE DAY und STATE RADIO, außerdem Gigs und Festivals mit Kollegen wie den BEATSTEAKS, SEEED, DEICHKIND, SPORTFREUNDE STILLER, PETER PAN SPEEDROCK, CHIKINKI, DÚNÉ, GODS OF BLITZ oder EL*KE).
Außerdem haben sie bereits 2 Alben veröffentlich, den kürzesten EM-Song zur EURO 2008 hingerotzt, die offizielle Hymne der IFMXF FreestyleMotoCrossShow "Night of the Jumps" geschrieben und Pelle von THE HIVES zu dem Ausspruch "I wanna hear more of that RAMONA stuff" hingerissen (RAMONA, COME WITH ME erschienen als Bonustrack auf DVD und Soundtrack zum Kultfilm "VIDEO KINGS" mit Bela B., Til Schweiger u.a.).

“die Berliner haben ihre Hausarbeiten gemacht, und können sich durchaus mit den Großen messen lassen.“ (SKIPMAG, independent rockzine)

POOLSTAR* sind Töff Malstroem (vocals), Felix Kinniro (guitar), The Dom (drums) und Spree (bass). Die Band gibt es seit 2003. Der Name ist eine Hommage an den 1969 in einem Pool verstorbenen Mitbegründer der „Rolling Stones“, Brian Jones. GODDESS OF ROCK BLESSES HIM!

=english version=

Melodic, loud, danceable and partying Yeah!Rock with balls and catchy melodies –on many glorious concerts and festivals in Europe with colleagues like The Beatsteaks, Seeed, Deichkind, Dúne, Sportfreunden Stiller, Dog Eat Dog, OOMPH!, Emil Bulls, Boss Hoss, Revolverheld, Virginia Jetzt!, Sub7even, Extrabreit, Element Of Crime and many more… (supporting Die Ärzte, The Living End, Itchy Poopzkid, Abwärts, Die Happy, etc…).

Poolstar* are Töff Malstroem (vocals), Felix Kinniro (guitar), Aalbert von Spree (bass) and The Dom (drums).
The name is, by the way, no cheap currying favour to the new swimming trunks collection of the Otto's catalogue, but a homage to Brian Jones, the co-founder of the Rolling Stones who drowned in 1969 in his pool unhappily. Goddess of Rock blesses him!

=japanese version=



POOLSTAR (プールスター)メンバー:

Toff Malstroem (ボーカル)
Felix Kinniro (ギター)
Aalbert von Spree (ベース)
The Dom (ドラム)



For more POOLSTAR* visit



“a combination of the party spirit of the BEATSTEAKS and the musical fundamentals of FLYSWATTER.” (SWEET JANE MUSIC, independent online music magazine)

“POOLSTAR is damn bold and plays its guitar songs with a lot of power and punkish attitude, just the way we know it from the Swedish rock bands HELLACOPTERS and BACKYARD BABIES” (GITARRE & BASS 02/2007)

“pushy, tough and straight into your face.” (BRIGHT EYES)

“Poolstar make Punk’n’Roll, which is pure fun and puts everybody in a good mood. Playing live the boys are sure to thrill the whole audience. 9 out of 10 points.” (VENUE MUSIC, dein online musikmagazin)

“much much more varied than for example the fun punk band DONOTS and also more daring and more convincing than all the new German Rock bands like Revolverheld. POOLSTAR is simply better, moving more into the direction of the BEATSTEAKS. “Poolstar” is a safe bet for all fans of Emo, Punk and the faster kind of Indie-Rock … could become something big.” (METAL INSIDE)

“amazingly good at creating catchy melodies. … not only will they heat you up nicely but they will also stay with you for a long time.” (HOME OF ROCK, the rock magazine)

“the Berliners have done their homework and are indeed a match for the big ones.” (SKIPMAG, independent rockzine)

“It wouldn’t be at all wrong to write: one hit follows the other.”
(ALTERNATIVENATION.DE, e-zine for rock and alternative music)

“They use elements of Emo, Grunge, Punk, Alternative and Indie Rock and even though Poolstar sounds rather British, they don’t belong to those imitating the many popular young bands from the island. Poolstar have long ago developed their own profile.” (ROCKSZENE.DE)

“Only when reading up on them you’ll discover, that amazingly enough Poolstar does not come from one of the sun spoiled states of Amerika’s westcoast but from good old Berlin. There the Punk-Rockers have long been much more than an insider tip, with fresh sounds, uncompromising sound and rough voice, Poolstar distinguish themselves in a good way.” (INDIGO)

“ready to conquer the world.” (MELODIE&RHYTHMUS)

„I wanna hear more of that RAMONA stuff” (Pelle, THE HIVES)



More than 300 Concerts and Festivals in Germany, Benelux und Switzerland with BEATSTEAKS, SEEED, Sportfreunde Stiller, Dúné, DIE HAPPY, EL*KE, DOG EAT DOG, OOMPH!, EMIL BULLS, BOSS HOSS, SPITTING OFF TALL BUILDINGS, REVOLVERHELD, VIRGINIA JETZT!, SUB7EVEN, EXTRABREIT, ELEMENT OF CRIME and many more… (supporting Die Ärzte, The Living End, Itchy Poopzkid, Abwärts, Die Happy, etc…).

5. Nov 2010 Release of the first POOLSTAR Songbook “the SONGBOOK”

Sep 2010 Video release "SUMMERTIME" taken from the POOLSTAR album "4"

1. Feb 2010 "I KILLED SOMEONE" on Warschauer Sampler #58

Dec 2009 5 support shows with ITCHY POOPZKID

Nov 2009 3 support shows with THE LIVING END

Oct 2009 2 support shows with ABWÄRTS

09.09-12.09 26 shows in Germany, Swiss & Austria.

28. Aug 2009 Release of the third POOLSTAR album "4" produced by Rodrigo González & POOLSTAR* (GOMRecords/RODREC/CARGO)

14. Aug 2009 "I KILLED SOMEONE" on SLAM-zine-CD #45

1. Aug 2009 "I KILLED SOMEONE" on Ox-Compilation #85

29. Mai 2009 Single release „SOMETHING IN YOUR EYES“.

1. March 2009 „SILVERSPOON 2.0“ on Sampler „Berlin earBOOK“ (earBOOKS/edel CLASSICS).

Summer 2008 5 support shows with DIE ÄRZTE

28. April 2008 Bonus video from „RAMONA (Come With Me)“ for the DVD to the Film VIDEO KINGS (SPV).

April 2008 RODREC, the new booker.

4. April 2008 Release of the Maxi-Single „SILVERSPOON 2.0“ with remixes from ENIAC, KOOK and Miss Groovalistic and the bonus track “SCHICKSAL?“.


7. Sep 2007 „RAMONA (Come With Me)“ Video-Release. Also on the Soundtrack to the Film “Video Kings”.

10. July 2007 „SCHOOL’S OUT / ’CAUSE I SAY SO“ SingleOnline-Release.

27. March 2007 „ALONE AGAIN“ on Californian Sampler „RIOT ON SUNSET“.

March 2007 After 4 years without a Live-Bass-Player, Spree (SKEW SISKIN, a.o.) found his way to POOLSTAR*.

6. Oct 2006 Release of the 2. Album „Poolstar“ (GOMRecords/Kontor).

Sep 2006 „ALONE AGAIN“ Single-/Video-Release on iTunes, Musicload, etc.
Co-Headliner at Berlins -Festival (with MAMASWEED, , …) at “Kesselhaus”. POOLSTAR* on Cover of the Berlin -Magazine.

July 2006 Live at the Berlin WM-FANMEILE at Brandenburg Gate – in front of more than 700.000 people. „ALONE AGAIN“ remixed (DJ-KOOK) released on „BERLIN CLUBBERS GUIDE“ Sampler (Ministry of Sound).


March 2006 „GET OUTTA OUR WAY“ – the official Fan-Hymn from the American Football Teams BERLIN THUNDER 2006. Live at the Berlin Olympiastadion.

Dec 2005 Release EP „BLOW YOUR MIND AWAY“ incl. spectacular Video with Berlin Freestyle-Motocross-Crack Busty Wolter.

Oct 2005 "BLOW YOUR MIND AWAY" of the album "LOSING GRAVITY" becomes the official hymn of the world-biggest Freestyle-Motocross-Event NIGHT OF THE JUMPS. Since then POOLSTAR* got regularly appearances with the NIGHT OF THE JUMPS in the big halls of the Germany.
Die HAPPY invite POOLSTAR* to open their “Bitter to Better”-Tour prelude.

Sep 2005 „Berlin vs. Luxemburg“-Festival - Popkomm Show. POOLSTAR* on the cover of the Berlin -Magazine. festival appearance – co-headliner with El*ke, Gods of Blitz and Extrabreit. Singer Töff becomes the German MTV / Jim Beam rock Face 2005/06.

Aug 2005 „Luxemburg vs. Berlin“-Festival in Echternach (LUX).
Berlin representatives: SEEED, THE BEATSTEAKS and POOLSTAR*.
„SOMETHING IN YOUR EYES“ rotates for 4 weeks on RADIO EINS. Concert at RADIO EINS-Night at Berlins ARENA with BOSS HOSS, ELEMENT OF CRIME, etc.
Concert at the famous Cologne “Ringfest” (RTL-Stage).

July 2005 Singer Töff becomes RADIO EINS (RBB) Key Visual.

Nov 2004 Release of the 1. Album „LOSING GRAVITY“ on POOLSTARs own Record Label GOMRecords distributed by ROUGH TRADE. Airplay of the Single „SOMETHING IN YOUR EYES“ in Germany. The video in addition keeps 10 weeks with VIVAplus. Release tour through Germany.

Summer 2004 Studio recordings for the 1. Album in Berlin and Hamburg.

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