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  • Geburtstag

    12. Mai 1979 (39 Jahre alt)

Marielle Ferraren aka Mila (stage/rapper name). 19 years old and currently living in Luxembourg. Born and raised in the Philippines, I lived with my father until a certain point in my childhood while my mother worked abroad. My family was poor but we did our best to go on. My dad left to rejoin his family when I was around 9 and I lived with my grandparents until 11. I don't have any brothers or sisters but I do have cousins, I lived with them at my grandparents house. At 11, my mother flew back to the Philippines and finally took me to live with her abroad after a couple years of hard work to get my papers processed so she could take me with her legally. We lived in Amsterdam with my new step-father. My mom worked as a financial accountant but after 2 years, her job wanted to relocate to Luxembourg so we had to go along with them. Since then I've been living in Luxembourg and this is where I started to pursue music.
I started off by myself, trying to write songs, and I discovered I had an inclination to rapping more than singing, my first companion was a DJ but he mainly worked with house and techno and after a year of trying to work with him I decided it wasn’t the right thing. I then discovered a friend of mine had a home studio in Differdange. We had similar tastes and we where in the same age group so I started to work with him instead, and we did a lot of covers of RnB and some rap songs. It was fun and a very opening experience. Not long, after posting a rap video on social network, the manager that I’m working with today contacted me. I decided to contact him back after some time and this is when things started to get more serious. I decided to work with him and follow his vision and since then I’ve experienced being in an actual studio, working with different people, traveling for my music, and even mini concerts. To top it off I’ve done opening acts for Gradur, Fat Joe, Daddy Yankee, Seth Gueko and MGK. I’ve also had the pleasure of meeting DMX, Mims, Natalie La Rose and OT Genasis. It’s been quite a year since we started and I want to continue it since I plan to make music my career and my life.

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