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Head-turning debut from classically-trained, Boston-based Kaan Erbay a.k.a Insha featuring ten tracks of pure tension/relief informed by reconstituted club music and video game scores, highly recommended if you're into Arca, Burial, Actress, Rabit

Emerging from right under Type’s nose, Dysplazia by Boston, MA’s Insha debuts a remarkably absorbing push-and-pull narration of sci fi sonics and collapsed R&B haunted by the ghosts of British dance music; forming a mid-air collision of sawn-off soundtrack noumena and tumultuous grooves that diffuse Burial’s worn down soul by way of Arca’s lacerating dynamics with a unique sleight of hand.

At an aerially severed yet intimately involving perspective, the founder of Boston’s DRAW collective subsumes himself with cybernetic assimilation into the ten tracks of Dysplazia, offering an oneiric representation of the physical body simulated thru decontextualised rap samples and a twisted backbone of encrypted 2-step rhythms.

In a synaesthetic, metaphorical sense reflected in Dysplazia’s cover art - which uncannily recalls the analogue-to-digital phase shift of Cybotron’s Enter sleeve design - this record is about transcending physical and virtual spaces; about locating and inhabiting the ambiguous interzones which lie between and outside of taxonomic conventions. It models these processes of transformation with a keen sense of narrative, navigating mutable circuit boards of grey goo with a beguiling sense of melancholy and elusive glimmers of hope.

Panicked intercom chatter and hyperprismic harmonies light up the gravelly torque of Breaking Point at the album’s turbulent intro, giving way to a captivatingly tortuous series of flashpoints and perilous junctures that flare up as quickly as they move back into the ever-looming murk, most memorably in the tangled 3D coordinates of Ima, Physique, and the woodblock ’n scimitar punctuated dynamics of Coming Down, which perhaps most undeniably nod to Burial and Arca, whilst the amorphous, melancholic ending of Reason leaves the session perfectly unresolved and open to a sequel.

Dysplazia is a startlingly astute debut record from Insha, providing Type’s freshest insight since Clams Casino’s Instrumentals back in 2011.

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