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  • Veröffentlichungsdatum

    9. März 2017

  • Dauer

    10 Titel

Leuchtkraft­ is the third album from Frankfurt based multidisciplinary artist Daniel 'Flug 8' Herrmann. Returning to the banks of hardware with which he created the organic electronica of his critically acclaimed debut Trans Atlantik, Herrmann's sound has evolved to a higher state. Now, untethered from drums, his floatation tank soundscapes soar to the heavens, buoyed on wave after shimmering wave of lush drone and cascading melody.

Translated as 'luminescence', the 10 tracks of Leuchtkraft smudge between moods; the delicate icicle chimes of Kristallpalast give way to the widescreen spacewalk of John Carpenter-esque Man High. Mittelwelle is an ominous descent of nervy creaks and distant distortion, whilst Sierra Charlie is a mirage of Eastern sun-baked drone…. But the album is best consumed as one long, unravelling drift, a sprawl trip through half remembered dreams and future fantasies.

A renowned musician and photographer, Herrmann has previously released music on Disko B and Smaul, collaborated with members of Einstürzende Neubauten, and art directed for both Roman Flügel's label Playhouse label, and the iconic Live At Robert Johnson mix series. For Leuchkraft he has created a series of images ruminating on the notion of illumination, where light sources battle through stark contrasts of darkness. Whether this is a metaphor for our confused world, or a wider examination on the universality of light is entirely up to the audience to decide…

Leuchtkraft is the first in Ransom Note Records' on going series of drone, electronica and ambient albums, all of which will be released on highly limited cassette accompanied by exclusive artwork.

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