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“Voyager” is a personal recount from lead singer Matthew Rogers. Travelling back in time to speak to his teenage self, Rogers tries to put into words the things he wished to hear, as well as the dark feelings he held during his closeted youth. The album may appear to be about Rogers' sexuality, however, the intention is to give voice to the heavy feeling of harbouring a secret for a long period of time. Throughout the time-travelling journey of “Voyager”, Rogers is trying to extend his message to listeners out there who might feel lost, lonely, or misunderstood. While the story of “Voyager” has many cathartic elements to it, the album is meant to take the listener on a beautiful musical journey from start to finish.

Fleece's psychedelic-rock and jazz influences still remain in the sounds they expand on in “Voyager”. Throughout the album, Fleece experiments by use of synthesis, auxiliary percussion, strings, flutes, and vocal harmonies. Most songs were brought to the table by Rogers, and later arranged with bassist Gabe Miller and drummer Ethan Soil who helped bring each song to life.

The recording process for “Voyager” took place from February to June with recording engineer Patrick McDowall.
releases January 19, 2017

Recorded and Mixed by Patrick McDowall
at Soundhole, Montreal, QC.
Mastered by Ryan Morey at Grey Market Mastering

Performed by
Matthew Rogers (Lead Vocals, Keyboards, Synthesizer)
Gabe Miller (Bass Guitar)
Ethan Soil (Drums, Auxiliary Percusison)

ft. Jameson Daniel (Electric Guitar)
David DiMaria (Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar)
Megan Ennenberg (Vocals on Fried Eggs)

Album Artwork by Dillon Nusca

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