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Trinity Thirty is the result of a unique collaboration between Scott Monteith and Fatima Camara, both accomplished and acclaimed solo artists working in dance- and downbeat-inflected electronic idioms, and both Canadian ex-pats currently based in Berlin. After overhearing the Cowboy Junkies' now-classic cover of "Sweet Jane" in a Brazilian airport, Monteith revisited his longstanding affection for The Trinity Session, the album from which the song was drawn, which he realized was quickly approaching its 30th anniversary. Knowing their shared love for the record, Monteith reached out to Camara, and, with the blessing of Cowboy Junkies guitarist and songwriter Michael Timmins, the pair undertook a 2-year process of experimentation and recording sessions at Berlin's Studio Chez Cherie. Deadbeat & Camara's re-envisioning of The Trinity Session yielded Trinity Thirty, at once a reverent tribute and a wholly original work in its own right, which will release on Constellation in Spring 2019.

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