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  • Jahre aktiv

    2003 – heute (20 Jahre)

  • Gegründet

    Frankfurt am Main, Hessen, Deutschland

  • Mitglieder

    • Benni Möller
    • Flo Ebert
    • Mathias Heng
    • Patrick Bellinetti
    • Ralf Bördner

Visit them also at . . .
www.daturah.de - www.myspace.com/daturah - www.facebook.com/daturah - www.twitter.com/daturahnews - www.reverbnation.com/daturah

Take the vaporous fumes from the heavy lilting post rock from the likes of Isis, Pelican, and Explosions in the Sky, splash in a little bit of the eerie and goose bump inducing cinematic vibes of Entroducing era DJ Shadow, a chic albeit druggy post modern foray into the psyche ala the Blade Runner soundtrack and you’re still only touching the surface of Daturah’s creative impetus. Daturah cannot be merely explained or pigeonholed but instead, felt, by the listener. Hailing from Frankfurt, Germany, this instrumental combo stretch their riffs through audible taffy pulls and seep in crisp and thinly layered synths along with half buried samples to create a listening experience that jolts the senses. While staying true to the Krautrock glide of Can and Tangerine Dream, Reverie is intricately woven headphone music for those who like their loudness plunging to the depths of ocean trench droning while treading upon a moody middle ground of pure resonance and dulcet friction. They may rock their instrumental guile a bit heavy at times but it’s all weaved into a trance-inducing and ambient sojourn into a vivid panorama of love, fear and anger exhibiting how sometimes that music sans words can offer all the explaining there is to offer.

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