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How can I be?

When do I end - so you do…

Where can I be - so you do…
See, that I do not exist!
So you do…

Since I Dream, this world does exists, but I cannot be sure if this is real. In the end, everthing is just dreamed by me. Therefore I can only be sure about one thing, that I must be real. I am not talking about myself, my dreamed body, emotions and thoughts. I am talking about my consciousness.
However it is bluffed by my sense organs. Everything is going through a filter. We can only sense a small spectrum and our brain scraps every unnecessary information. Reality is an illusion. I can only be sure about my consciousness, since I dream.
Perhaps it is absurd to record this dream, since it might be disapear when I die or rather wake up into another reality, but just in case I am wrong this album shall still exist when I became just a memory. I recorded experiences and thoughts which I had the last 19 years, since I started to dream this world.

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