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  • Veröffentlichungsdatum

    26. August 2016

  • Dauer

    17 Titel

"Glory" is the ninth Studio Album by Pop-Singer Britney Spears. It is realized on August 26th 2016.
It comes in two different Versions, one to be Standard and the other one the Deluxe Version. The Deluxe includes five Bonus Tracks, which add up to a total of 17 Tracks on the Album. While the Standard Version comes with 12 Songs, ending the record with the Song "What You Need".

Album/Song Producers include Bloodpop, Mischke, Cashmere Cat, Mattman & Robin, BURNS and Goldstein.
A total of seven Songs include writing Credits by Spears herself, including the debut Single "Make Me…".

On August 20th, links with an Album leak started spreading around the Internet, following the one week early Sale of the Record at a Mexican CD-Megastore.

After the commercially weak "Britney Jean", the sound of the new Album connects more to her seventh Record "Femme Fatale". Fans refer to "Glory" as the baby of "Blackout" & "In the Zone", Spears most urban influenced Albums to date.

Musically the Record starts off with an electric styled Song called "Invitation", even though it has some electric sounds and autotune to it, it also is a ballad.
The whole Album switches between various genres, from Pop to R&B to Latin. It's easy to say, of all of Spears Albums' "Glory" obviously shows the most variety of her different talents. On "Couture Electrique" Spears even sings french.

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