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  • Avatar för BeroJagustin
    Hey guys, I discovered a new unknown artist called Phorsicht: www.last.fm/music/Phorsicht I think the music sounds great! What do you think?
  • Avatar för EDMVGM
    Anyone into Dragon Fighter (NES/Famicon)? Here's my version: https://humalien.bandcamp.com/album/dragon-fighter
  • Avatar för PrinzEnrique
    tags can be anything a user wants it to be
  • Avatar för TheOnlyRoc
    tags are called tags for a reason. they're not meant to be genres.
  • Avatar för VineV
    Just sharing this awesome remix of Ninjascape (Ninja Gaiden 2) by Ashane: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y3mAC3ml1zw
  • Avatar för CeliCore
    hey guys, i've made an cover from Metroid Prime 2 soundtrack :) check this out! https://soundcloud.com/dotanechoic/torvus-bog-metroid-prime-2
  • Avatar för extrabigmehdi
    ha ha, only japanese composers at top. It was partly because of Nobuo Uematsu that I became interested by game music, although I liked music from tomb raider too.
  • Avatar för rgazel
    Hello everyone, I'm Rémi Gazel, I composed most of the Rayman 1 music. I wish to inform you of a new project, Rayman 1 Musics by Rémi Gazel. I hope I'm Not Trespassing laws of this forum by posting this info, otherwise I apologize. This project was a result of many great positive messages I receive for years on the music of the game The idea : replay Rayman 1 musics with real musicians :) The dedicated website is here: http://rayman1musics.gazel.net/ Feel free to share the info :) Good day to all, Rémi
  • Avatar för Bastard1
    Keep fighting the power, Cpt. Obvious.
  • Avatar för iPowers
    "Video game music is not a genre. There is no pattern between the games' soundtracks." Of course not! There's hundreds, perhaps even thousands of composers from all over the world making different kind of games. That's a given. Not like one dude is going to do soundtracks for most of it.

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