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Heavy metal, ofta endast benämnd metal, är en musikgenre inom rockmusik, vilken i sin tur har utvecklats i en mängd subgenrer, till exempel black metal och power metal.

"Heavy metal" används ofta synonymt med hårdrock. I England, hårdrockens hemland, använde man begreppet hard rock (hård rockmusik) för musik som spelades av Cream, Jimi Hendrix, Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin med flera under det sena 1960-talet. När heavy…

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  • I wonder how much site traffic is lost due to this beta site.
  • You'd have to be retarded to expect CBS to go back to the old after all the time and money spent on polishing the turd we have now.
  • ↓ sign that petition, guys ↓
  • Sign if you want the old back:
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  • Maybe back in metals formative years being "true" or not matter but metal is so broad nowadays that arguing about what is and isn't "true" is a bit silly.
  • as long as Metalcore is real Metalcore and Nu Metal is real Nu Metal, I don't see the point in debating whether it's Metal or not. Besides, Metal is like Punk in the sense that the bands generally regarded as not "true" are usually superior to the real thing. Exceptions exist, but it's typically a good rule of thumb.
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  • ZİGGURAT - Kudretim Var (2015) New song

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